City of Lexington: Safe Streets

Campaign Branding

Safe Streets raises awareness on the road for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Starting with pedestrians, this campaign uses sidewalk stenciling, bus ads, and utility box wraps. Visuals with eye-catching colors and designs encourage being present and aware.

SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 6
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 7
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 1
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 9
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 5
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 4
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 3
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 8
SafeStreets_casestudy_Artboard 2
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